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If you are looking for a fast, affordable, and convenient way to monitor your entire irrigation system, then you need to work with Oasis Irrigation Inc. for remote irrigation management services.  


FieldNET technology gives you many benefits, including easily managed drip and micro irrigation with filter flush, control of pivots, laterals, drip controlled valves, end guns, injectors and pumps, and graphic status icons that show where your equipment started, its current position, what where it’s going.

You can view all your pivots simultaneously

Put yourself in control with FieldNET

You can work with FieldNET for regular reports, comprehensive views, and full control, no matter where you are. This system will help you save labor, time, and money, making your entire operation more successful and efficient. Put yourself in control with FieldNET by Lindsay.


Call Oasis Irrigation Inc. today to learn more about the advantages of FieldNET remote irrigation management systems.


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