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You can work with us for your Lilliston Rolling Cultivator, the perfect tool for your operation. You can use a wide range of applications with this machine, and we can help you get one at an affordable price.


Your cultivator can be set to perform a variety of jobs depending on the crop stages, allowing you to do what you need in order to get the job done right. Give us a call and we'll help you find out if a Lilliston Rolling Cultivator is right for you.

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You can work with us to construct uniform ridges, build beds, bar off and till without damage to tender crop root systems. We'll also help handle and clear root systems, and incorporate pre- and post-emergence chemicals for fast knockdown and effective weed control.


Our system control serious weed pests while preserving vital seedling growth and crop root systems. We will aerate the soil, aiding water penetration and retention for young plants. This also help control soil and water losses from erosion. You can count on us for complete field work under all types of soil and moisture conditions, and as an authorized Lindsay dealer, we have remote irrigation management systems powered by FieldNET technology.



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